Tips On the Best EDC Flashlight


There are multiple things to consider, before deciding on the best everyday carry flashlight to buy. Although a flashlight is used for different purposes, such as finding things in darkness or for defense purposes, you should keep in mind that it is also not helpful if you do not carry it with you.  The best flashlight to carry with you is one that fits into your style without slowing you down. The size of a flashlight is very essential, and it is easier to carry around when it is smaller, but less useful when it comes to defending yourself with it. Besides, an EDC flashlight should be durable and work perfectly whenever you want it, apart from producing quality lumen. Below are essential factors of best EDC flashlight.


It is the most essential factor to consider in an EDC light. You should consider on your means of carrying the torch, be it in the pocket, by belting, placing in a holster or purse. By considering your means of carrying, you will easily determine if you need a small sized light that fits on a keychain, or a larger light that has a pocket clip. However, the size of a torch is determined by the type and number of batteries it uses.  You should decide on the best EDC size before buying.


Avoid shopping by price and going for cheap flashlights, since an EDC light must survive some beating.  You should check on the features of the flashlight, and buy one that will perfectly whenever you need it, irrespective having beatings daily. A durable flashlight is one that you can depend on always, even on emergency cases. Besides having a good material, it should be resistant to shock, be waterproof and with a lens that is resistant to scratches and shatterproof.

Lumen produced

Light produced by your EDC light is the most important thing.  Ensure you get a flashlight that gives light for long distance in darkness, and can be used for a self-defense tool. Choose an EDC light with a minimum of 60 lumens and a maximum of 2000 lumens. It can easily disorient an attacker or blind someone temporarily.


The best EDC light to buy should be made of type three anodized aluminum. However, lights made of stainless steel and titanium are also good but are expensive than those made of aluminum.  You should buy an EDC torch made of one of the materials as they are strong besides being durable.  In terms to comparison of weight to strength, titanium is the best as its strength is similar to that of steel, but lighter, but with double strength and heavier than aluminum. Stainless steel is the heaviest apart from being strong, while aluminum has a middle weight, durability period and cost.

Shock and water resistance

You should choose an EDC torch with high impact resistance, which means it can fall from a higher height without any breakage and works well. Also, it should have an LED light emitter as they are resistant from shock and are durable.

Finally, the torch should be resistant to splash, which is IPX 4 rating, provided you will not leave in the wash and IPX7 rating meaning your light can submerged for 1M for not more than 30 minutes.