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Startup Law 101 Series – Where Should I Incorporate My Startup Business?

Startup Law 101 Series - Where Should I Incorporate My Startup Business?

The Issue for Founders

Founders of startup businesses need to decide whether to incorporate in Delaware or in the state in which they will be conducting business. In spite of the commonly held lawyer view to the contrary, I believe founders should think long and hard before choosing Delaware since it often is not the best choice for a typical early-stage startup company.

Many Startup Business Lawyers Routinely Recommend Delaware

During the high-tech bubble in the late 1990s and early 2000s, the idea of ​​a quick path to an initial public offering became so entrenched that startups began skipping the step of incorporating in their own states and moved directly to a delaware incorporation to speed up the process of going public. The bubble burst but this practice did not.

So what do we have? The impetus that drove lawyers to use Delaware routinely for startups was to shorten the path to IPO. After Sarbanes-Oxley and certain public accounting rules changes, very few startups any longer go the IPO route. Yet the Delaware filing pattern persists.

Let us consider the advantages of a Delaware incorporation versus the disadvantages to see if it makes sense for startups to file routinely in Delaware as many lawyers urge them to do.

Why VCs Favor Delaware

Delaware law affords substantial advantages and is an ideal state of domicile for public companies and late-stage startups that are about to go public . Delaware has a well-developed and reasonably consistent body of corporate law with which most business lawyers are familiar. It offers various advantages that help shield an entrenched management – such as the ability to dispense with cumulative voting for directors and the ability to stagger the election of directors. Owing to these advantages, Delaware is favored by venture capital investors who typically do control their portfolio companies and who prefer to make that control as complete as possible. Public company managements like Delaware for this reason as well.

Delaware law also typically gives preferred stock investors with voting control of a corporation the unilateral power to merge that entity into another, or otherwise have it get acquired, without need for approval of the founders or other early-stage participants who typically own most of the common stock. This type of transaction can “wipe out” the value of the common stock because it can be structured so that only those who hold a liquidation preference (ie, the preferred stockholders) get any economic value out of it while the remaining shareholders may get little or nothing. In Delaware, unlike other states such as California, those who stand to get nothing out of such deals often have no voice in stopping them. Thus, there is good reason why preferred stock investors (ie, VCs) will tend to favor Delaware corporations. It gives them enormous leverage over the remaining shareholders in the event the VCs decide to “take out” the company.

Here is a real-world illustration of how this can work. A few years back, when the tech bubble burst, I was working side by side with lawyers from a prestigious Silicon Valley startup venture firm on some joint client matters. During a lengthy phase, I could never get hold of the senior associate from the big firm who was working with me – he was doing an endless stream of “mergers” for weeks on end. Why, as everything around us was coming crashing down, would there be a rash of mergers? Not because these were success cases. They were not. What was happening was a systematic shedding of portfolio companies by the VC firms with quickie mergers as the vehicle. The dreams of many founders fell fast and fell hard in those short weeks.

Thus, the startup world as dominated by VCs had evolved. Before the high-tech bubble, the typical approach was for startups to incorporate in their home states and only reincorporate in Delaware when they reached a mature stage at which the advantages of Delaware law made a substantive difference to them – that is, on the eve of IPO. In the post-bubble era, the VC preference is universally for Delaware, even from inception.

Founder Concerns About VC Expectations

So where does this leave founders who need to decide where to incorporate their startup?

Founders need to understand how all this works and then make the decision that is best for them without regard to what they believe VCs will think.

Sometimes founders want to incorporate in Delaware precisely because they believe that the venture capitalists who will be funding the company later will insist on it. A few venture capitalists do, but most do not, and many startups will never seek venture capital funding in any event.

In over two decades of representing tech startups, at no point have I seen a VC firm refuse to fund a quality startup in which it was otherwise interested simply because it was not incorporated in Delaware. In other words, during the early funding stages of a startup, most VCs are no more consciously focused on the downstream factors of what happens during a merger than are the founders. They may be told by their lawyers of the key factors but they then need to decide whether to invest in a company that is incorporated somewhere besides Delaware. In all the cases I have seen, they have chosen to invest without regard to the Delaware factor and, indeed, have further chosen to keep the company incorporated in its home state thereafter unless and until it reached a stage where it would want to go IPO. Based on this experience, I would say that the fear factor among founders about VC expectations on this point is almost universally either misplaced or at least much overstated.

Factors Affecting a Founder’s Decision Whether to Choose Delaware

For the typical California-based early-stage startup, Delaware normally does not offer any practical advantages over a California incorporation (to pick as an example the local jurisdiction of Silicon Valley). Perhaps the only near-term advantages are (1) that Delaware allows for a single-member board of directors, regardless of the number of shareholders in the company, where a state like California requires that the number of directors match the number of shareholders up to three, and (2) quicker and more reliable filing of documents in connection with funding events.

The first of these can facilitate easier corporate governance in an early-stage startup, especially a startup controlled by one predominant founder.

The second can avoid sometimes embarrassing delays when fundings are set to close.

Apart from these areas, however, a Delaware domicile normally just adds administrative burdens for an early-stage startup based in a state like California. These burdens include the difference in the way franchise taxes are handled and the need to qualify as a foreign corporation in the local state. There are also downstream risks to founders in connection with losing the value of their interests in mergers without having a voice in the process (discussed above). In general, then, a Delaware domicile imposes more administrative hassle upon an early-stage company than would a local domicile and may create substantive risks down the road for the founding team. The burdens can be dealt with, but the question is whether they are worth the meager advantages, if any, afforded by a Delaware domicile in the early stage.

The major advantage to incorporating in your local state is simplicity. In an early-stage startup, keeping matters simple is important. It saves expenses and does not divert company resources toward issues that can be avoided.

Use Caution in Choosing Delaware

The point is not to avoid Delaware but rather to consider the issues in light of your company’s goals and not simply choose Delaware reflexively. At that point, check with a good lawyer and make your best call, whether it be Delaware or not. Just remember: if you choose to go simple and stay at home, and this proves in retrospect not to be your best choice, you can always reincorporate in Delaware later.

Can I Get Loan If I Am Unemployed?

Can I Get Loan If I Am Unemployed?

A loan for unemployed people is often sought on the Internet. This is understandable, since, of course, unemployed people in particular need liquidity. But is there such a thing as a serious loan for the unemployed? And if so, what should be considered?

When in Doubt: “Stay Away!”

It must be anticipated in any case that a loan for the unemployed can only be a very extreme emergency solution. If, in case of doubt, you are able to get the essentials by giving up, then as an unemployed person you should urgently do without a loan.

We would therefore only like to point out possible solutions for an emergency that is as short as possible. Because, especially in the current economic situation, it is unpredictable how quickly and, in the worst case, whether you can get a job again and repay the loan quickly.

In principle, you should also beware of offers that want to sell a loan for the unemployed or a loan in spite of Social Welfare full-bodied as “quick and uncomplicated” and “easy”. The likelihood here is high that profit will be made of the financial emergency, and so dubious credit providers intercept the high risk of default due to excessive interest rates, which maneuver the borrower even more into the impending insolvency.

Are There Still Solutions?

There is no guarantee that a loan will also be granted to an unemployed person. The basic prerequisite for granting a loan is that there must be some kind of security. Since this can be a garnishable income in the event of unemployment, any existing real estate or capital insurance policies must also be used for the loan.

If Credit bureau information is positive, there is also a better chance of obtaining a loan. But even if information from Credit bureau should be negative, there are still providers who offer a loan, but it should be noted that there must also be sufficient creditworthiness in order to get a loan, and a loan without Credit bureau significantly more expensive. More details can be found on our page about Good lender loans.

Payment And Debit Card – What Can The Main Difference Be?

Payment And Debit Card - What Can The Main Difference Be?

As for the payment card, it is worth realizing that this is a tool that is used to make payments that are accumulated on a bank account. Very often this banking product is also fulfilled the role of an ATM card. With its use, of course, you can deposit and withdraw money. A quite popular type of card that can be used for personal accounts is a debit card in the country. There are practical ways to use it. It is worth finding out about them.

Type of Card To Use

With the use of this type of card you can use the money you have in the form of funds on the accumulated account. What will this mean in a practical approach? With its use, of course, you can make payments for a much larger amount you have at a given time. This debit card has a print called Debit, it’s a distinctive logo. With the card you can pay in stores and service outlets without having the proper cash. Not having the right amount on your account, the transaction will not be successful. If everything is good, the amount will be charged to the account, and in addition to the receipt you will also receive a confirmation of the card transaction.

What is One More Basic Card Operation?

In this case, it should be said that the amount may be withdrawn at an ATM. Quite often, withdrawals from an ATM of these foreigners will be payable. Thanks to modern contactless technology, you can easily make a transaction and you will not need to enter your PIN. When the bill is definitely smaller than $ 50, it is necessary to inform the cashier about the desire to pay contactlessly.

If you have a debit card, you can make online payments without any problems. Certainly it will be useful when shopping in online stores or paying for train or plane tickets. Recently, of course, deposit in cash deposit machines has been quite popular. Do not queue because you can do it in specially designated places. Wanting to use all this, the most important factor will obviously apply to the payment card. Immediately before placing money, the most important thing is to insert a card into it. When any unexpected loss of a payment card happens, you should decide to call the appropriate bank branch as soon as possible. The facilitation will apply to entering the password regarding “card retention”.

To School: Why Think About a Career in Education Administration

To School: Why Think About a Career in Education Administration

Many people can’t wait to get away from school and venture out in to the “real life” but you will find individuals who cannot wait to return. You might give them a call anything you want but you will find individuals who would like to remain in school and become educators. If you’re one of individuals individuals who love being with children and teaching, a career in education administration could just be awaiting you.

You are able to give them a call principal or director, however they essentially take part in the same role – the administration from the school. Many of them begin as teachers after which while teaching, continue the amount through getting a master’s or doctorate degree. That you should become instruction administrator, it is crucial that you’ve got a background in teaching and at the minimum, a master’s degree in education administration or educational leadership.

As was stated, most really began out as teachers after which later advance into becoming one. However, with respect to the condition, most education managers are needed to become licensed for the reason that field. In addition to that, ongoing education in order to help you stay updated within the field could also be essential from the job.

Prior to running away screaming because of all of the needs (a master’s degree, imagine!), just consider the children that you’ll be influencing inside your stint being an administrator? Don’t you need to inspire more kids to become better? Just consider the number of kids you are able to influence inside your stint as education administrator.

As school administrator or principal, you’ll essentially maintain-control of running the college. Every single decision will affect a lot of students and teachers and everybody working surrounding you therefore the job is a that holds lots of power. You’ll be creating and applying policies to make certain that condition standards and student potentials are met. First and foremost, you’ll manage the use from the school – meaning, hiring and termination all will be entirely your decision therefore the job is extremely crucial.

Should you choose be a principal, a helper principal or school administrator, you’ll be able to be comforted in the truth that education managers receive better compensations than the usual regular teacher, obviously. Individuals who provide early childhood education circumvent $38,000 annually, while individuals in elementary education earn around $80,000 and much more for individuals in greater education. So, why don’t you get your master’s degree and work at just as one education administrator now?

Career Planning Significance – Ideas to Plan Your Job Well

Career Planning Significance - Ideas to Plan Your Job Well

Planning for a career can be explained as selecting life’s important pathways. A meticulous planning is unquestionably needed with regards to the way you would make a living. If planning isn’t implemented it’ll culminate in not just a financial problem however it could even are a physical, mental and emotional problem. The result of ruining our existence could be dreadful. There are lots of encounters of people that have earned a full time income without a penny in hands. This could happen just with an enthusiastic career plan. Hence planning should be given serious attention. New possibilities and opportunities are developing every single day that did not whatsoever exist couple of years back.

The job vocabulary needs to e given prior importance along with a good understanding for the initial step in planning. Words meaning exactly the same may then be demonstrated different, though with simply subtle difference. As an example the words: position, employment, job, career, occupation. They appear to become synonyms, but don’t always be so. A paramedic along with a physician have a work, however their positions differ. You should know about the next words before planning for a career: career management, career development, career counseling, career guidance. These have a great deal to use planning for a career. A strong structure is needed for career building. Career building are steps taken perfectly into a systematic and designed career that matches you perfect. It will help inside a acceptable progress all across the road to a properly selected career. Lengthy term goals and temporary objectives are made the decision and they’re the initial step towards arranging a good career. Decisions are created based on a person’s versatility, adaptability and resilience. The reaction to challenges are made the decision by these figures. Later self assessment of a person’s personal management abilities is performed.

What type of decisions on lifestyle will generate? What exactly are your interpersonal skills and job-survival skills? Just how are you currently at the office-leisure integration and role integration? Identification of a person’s skills and strengths is essential in career planning. Are you able to do a highly effective employment search? The want ads in newspapers aren’t the only means by which one must search. How can you project yourself? Just how are you currently at demanding yourself? What measures can you make to get more marketable? Understanding around the resource ought to always be while updating. The trends in labor market frequently change. Training possibilities need to be discovered. Time in work pressure might have provided several positions or jobs. A great marketable individual ultimately does a highly effective career planning using the needed changes.

Mortgage Loan For a House And a Flat

Mortgage Loan For a House And a Flat

Each mortgage available on the market is classified in the categories of banking product. Mortgages are secured. Based on professional data, nearly 2 million mortgage loans are being repaid in our country. The total amount is almost PLN 400 billion. According to financial analysts, this amount is the result of interest and the amount of own contribution. Poland is a country that stands out from other EU countries in terms of economic growth. For this reason, the increase in salaries allows for greater interest in buying real estate. Mortgages also effectively attract relatively low interest rates. This is one of the most popular methods today to finalize the idea of buying a new house or apartment. However, you should realize that getting a loan is not a simple matter. First, the debt repayment period is terrifying.

According to analyst calculations, the average citizen needs 142 days to earn the right amount to pay back the annual interest rate. Mortgage loans, as the name suggests, are secured by a mortgage. The reason is simple – when the borrower ceases for some reason to repay the debt, the bank has the right to take his property without any qualms. Both the lender and borrower must conclude an agreement between them that is accepted by both parties. The bank is obliged to transfer the requested amount to the bank account of the customer applying for the loan after determining in advance the currency in which the cash is to be withdrawn. The customer, of course, undertakes to repay the debt incurred on a regular basis, along with the commission and accrued interest.

What Should The Loan Be Used For?

When receiving a loan, many of us will be faced with the choice of what to spend the money on. It is not necessary to spend the amount received on buying a new house or flat. For the money received, we can successfully buy a plot or carry out renovation. Mortgages are invariably the most popular banking product on the market. Those who are considered by the bank to be the ideal material for the borrower have the greatest chance of receiving it. The ideal borrower, in the bank’s opinion, is a customer who has any savings on his account. It is synonymous with the possibility of paying own contribution as well as regular repayment of installments due. Above all, those whose earnings can be specified in the above average category can apply for a high loan amount.

Those who are employed on the basis of a full-time employment contract of indefinite duration also have great opportunities. Contracts for mandate or specific task contracts are not very welcome when trying to apply for a loan because they are contracts for a limited period. Banks are therefore concerned that if the contract with the employer expires, the client will not be able to pay the outstanding commitment on time.

Lack of Debt Is Half The Battle

The ideal borrower’s profile is defined as someone who has a spouse, but not necessarily a child. Children, as you know, are additional expenses. Another very important aspect deciding about the positive consideration of a loan application is the lack of debt in other bank branches. As a result, the bank can confidently assume that it is dealing with a responsible customer who will not avoid paying the installments due. Lack of debt in other branches is a good start on the road to receiving the desired loan.

Is The Cash Loan Really Attractive?

Is The Cash Loan Really Attractive?

A cash loan is a very good solution, but a thorough analysis of each offer is necessary, because customers have their own requirements. Any hasty decision can have its unpleasant consequences, so there is nothing to risk as soon as you calmly download valuable tips. In fact, hardly anyone realizes what makes a cash loan stand out, what is it at all? The bank’s contract with the client, this checks the credibility of the person concerned, after signing the contract money is paid and at that moment the client becomes a borrower who must pay the debt in due time.

Know More About a Cash Loan

It is easier to download knowledge, after all communication is for everyone, so there is nothing else but to use it really for your own interests. Here are some hints:

A cash loan for any purpose is a financial proposal next to which it is really difficult to pass by indifferently. First of all, comfortable contract terms are tempting, banking institutions are still presenting satisfactory offers, but the above is triumphant. Nothing complicated, so the person concerned is obliged to present a blank promissory note, third party surety and, if possible, an insurance certificate.

Seniors can also opt for a cash loan for any purpose, so they are obliged to provide the last pension slice and a certificate from the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) for the exact calculation of the amount.

What is Cash Loan Purpose?

A cash loan for any purpose is comfortable because you do not have to explain what you need, argue your plans, the most important thing is to present credibility, when the opinion is positive, you can safely wait for cash. Overdraft has many supporters and it should come as no surprise, it is a comfortable financial method that saves a lot of valuable time. This is done by using an existing account, its history is checked by specialists appointed on behalf of the bank. When the customer is credible you can wait for cash. You can’t forget about a credit card, which is also a cash loan. Here, maintenance is not expensive, so there is nothing to worry about. It differs only in that the money is transferred to the account, and therefore it is frozen, of course, if necessary, you can easily withdraw it. What is worth paying special attention to? The limit set in advance is simply collateral for the customer and the bank, so it’s no surprise that this offer is right.

How to Get Cash Loan at Bank

How to Get Cash Loan at Bank

By borrowing $ 50,000 at Lite Lender Bank for a period of 72 months, we will incur a total cost of $ 26,248. The monthly installments that we will pay back will be $ 1059. The loan amount provided by Lite Lender Bank ranges from $ 500 to a maximum of $ 150,000. The loan period is from 3 to 96 months. The interest rate on the loan at Raiffeisen Polbank ranges from 9% to a maximum of 9.2% per annum. A commission ranging from 13% to even 15% of the loan amount is charged for the commitment. This is a fairly high commission, which significantly increases the cost of the liability.

One of the advantages is the lack of a commission fee. It matters because in many offers the amount of such a preparation fee can be really very high. One of the conditions for using the offer is to set up an invoice. However, the bank does not charge any fees for such an account. We will not pay any commission for early repayment. The bank allows you to take credit holidays from 1 to 3 months and it is completely free. The contract will be restructured and the parameters of the loan will change, which will cost us nothing. However, we will pay only $ 8 for the prompt. Comparing Lite Lender Bank’s offer with others that are available on the market, we can say that this is a really interesting and noteworthy offer. Before choosing a commitment, you should always read it carefully to be able to see if it is a profitable commitment and what costs we will have to bear. We should never make a credit decision too quickly.

Documents Required by Lite Lender Bank to Make a Commitment

One of the documents that you must present to take a loan is a certificate from your employer about your earnings as well as an identity card. The bank accepts many different sources of income. You can work under a contract of employment, receive income from business activities, pensions, pensions or have income from your own farm. Importantly, taking a loan up to $ 50,000, all income documents and a photocopied ID card can be sent online. If you have a personal account at the bank, you do not need to provide a salary certificate. In such cases, the bank analyzes the history of inflows to the account. A very big advantage of lending at Lite Lender Bank is getting a very quick cash loan even within fifteen minutes. The service of this bank is considered one of the best.

Cash Loan Terms at Lite Lender Bank

Very good credit conditions mean that clients rarely negotiate commitments. The bank presents us with a loan offer we can use or not. The choice is up to the borrower. Loan repayment insurance is not required from the bank, but the borrower has the option. Insurance rates are added to the loan installments by the bank and the rate ranges from 0.096% to a maximum of 0.2716%. By choosing credit insurance, we have a chance to get a higher loan amount from the bank.

A very big advantage of the offer is that the borrower has full access to information about his commitment. He can check repayment schedules, has access to his loan agreement as well as has access to all the conditions which have been signed in this agreement. The advantage is also the possibility of partial repayment of the loan ahead of time, and not just full repayment of the loan ahead of time. The bank does not charge any fees for changing the loan repayment schedule, which certainly increases the attractiveness of this offer.

Best Payday Loans for Foreigners

Best Payday Loans for Foreigners

Increasingly, we can meet people who are foreigners. They not only visited our country, but also plan to stay here. Like all of us, they also face situations that require extra cash. Can foreigners count on a loan from a bank or bank pair? What documents must be presented so that banks can consider providing financial support. This article will provide some basic information.

Chance to Get a Loan

Banks and smaller financial companies operate on the principles of Polish law, which does not provide for granting loans to persons from abroad. Such conditions are obvious and take the form of security. It is true that some private companies decide to grant credit, but only on their own responsibility. The basis for such a loan may be the duration of stay in the country expressed permanent residence card. But in most cases the chances are negligible. So what can people who are in Poland but who are not citizens do?

As with traditional loan solutions with the use of guarantees in payday loans for foreigners, the possibility of receiving additional funds may be made with such a solution. A citizen who, as it were, would like to take a loan or an instant loan from a bank couple, your credit standing may be the only chance. The situation is quite different when a foreigner applying for a loan has Polish citizenship.

Alternatives and The Only Way to Receive Payday Pay

A person with Polish citizenship residing in the territory of the Republic of Poland may receive a momentary loan. An individual who holds citizenship can also set up a personal account at one of the banks that is required to receive payday pay. Without an active invoice it is not possible to verify the customer and therefore this factor is even necessary. An alternative way is to use the Giro check, but in this case you need to provide proof of citizenship.

Sometimes banks are willing to grant credit after showing a temporary or permanent residence card. This card is a forum for confirming a person’s identity. You can also add employment and income certification to basic documents. Both loan companies and banks are looking for ways to embrace this social group and meet the demand for loans in a reasonable measure. It is possible that over time the situation will change for the better.

How to Take Payday Loans Online

How to Take Payday Loans Online

Online Payday Loans Without Krd

Among the various offers of loan companies, payday loans without KRD online deserve special attention. These are non-bank loans granted by specialized companies as part of their business loan activity. KRD is an abbreviation of the National Debt Register, which is the base of the Economic Information Bureau.

Data on debtors are collected and made available in this database. KRD, or rather the National Debt Register BIG SA, is the first Polish economic information office, founded on August 4, 2003. The register contains positive and negative data regarding, among others borrowers and borrowers.

Many loan companies use information from KRD to assess the creditworthiness of their potential clients. Data on natural persons may be transferred to the KRD only when the debtor has a debt of at least USD 200, and data on entrepreneurs – when their debt is at least USD 500. In both cases, the debt must be longer than 60 days.

Some non-bank companies declare in their offers and promotional materials that they grant payday loans without checking their clients online. These include, among others, payday loans online without KRD, which are addressed to people with debt problems.

Online payday loans without KRD databases are an offer enabling clients who are natural persons with some indebtedness to take out a loan online without worrying about the loan company reaching for the applicant’s data into the information databases of borrowers and borrowers.

It should be emphasized that the advantage that online payday loans have without checking the bases is that they can be obtained without unnecessary formalities in record time. This is the best way to take a quick loan – sometimes even within a dozen or so minutes of submitting a loan application. These payday loans without KRD and BIK may be the only alternative to getting a financial commitment for people who have debts.

How to Take PAYDAY Loans Online Without Krd?

Online payday loans without BIK and KRD set minimum formal requirements for borrowers. They are drawn quickly and efficiently. They require the client to submit a loan application. As these are payday loans without verification, the application itself is also submitted via the Internet, and then only the borrower’s identity is quickly checked.

Lenders want to be sure that the person entered in the loan application is actually who they claim to be. That is why payday loans without online database checking, like all other similar loans, require a quick verification of the borrower. Usually, this is done in such a way that the loan company asks its potential client to make a transfer for the amount of USD 1 or USD 1 to the company account.

Importantly, the transfer must be made from the account of the borrower registered for exactly the same data that was entered in the loan application. Therefore, you cannot make a transfer from the account of a relative or friend, because the lender will not grant the loan in this case.

Are Payday Loans Online Without Bik And Krd Via The Internet For Debtors?

An unpaid loan installment or delay in paying the installment for home electronics and appliances means that the customer can be entered in the BIK ( Credit Information Bureau ) and in debtors’ databases such as KRD. Then, to repair his home budget or to implement the planned investment, it will be difficult for him to obtain external sources of financing.

Online payday loans without KRD come in handy. It would be good for the debtor to be at the same time online payday loans without BIK, BIG and KRD. At that time, the loan company does not verify in the popular databases of borrowers and borrowers and debtors whether the potential customer’s data is there.

A small debt, which does not allow you to take out a bank loan or a loan from a non-bank company controlling the debtors’ database, is not an obstacle to receive payday loans online without verification. In this respect, payday loans without BIK and KRD online are a salvation for people who are struggling with debt, but still suddenly need to borrow additional funds.

This online payday loan without creditworthiness will be ad hoc financial support and may allow the settlement of urgent debts. Before we reach for payday loans without checking online databases – KRD, BIK or BIG – let’s make sure that the loan company does not actually do it.

Then just submit an application and wait for payday payday, which is most often paid in a non-cash form to the customer’s bank account.